This girl is both beautiful and delicious to play


The film's content tells about the life of a husband and wife who live with their mother-in-law and their broken love story, until one day, her husband's uncle and aunt came from afar to stay at home and play for a few days. . Once, due to being unsteadily drunk, she tripped, fortunately the uncle sitting next to her stood up in time to help her hug her, the two of them were dumbfounded in each other's arms, feeling like an electric current ran through their bodies. with a strange feeling, arousing, longing. Then what happened came, while in despair and pain from arguing with her husband, she was comforted by her uncle, her pain and grief seemed to be relieved. They seem to feel sympathy, uncontrollably loved, and rush into each other like a drought and a shower, like a starving person grabbing delicious food.


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